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Fuck you

Whoever invented love was one cruel motherfucker.

Maybe that’s why the religious liked to pre plan marriages.

Because know in this day and age, with the world turning around the internet.

I can only come to the conclusion that we are truly lost.

That’s is why every piece of advice on love is so contradicting.

Because the truth, no one know what the fuck they are doing.

That seems to be the theme of our life’s right now.

And that’s why I have come to the great realization that those who try to reach or preach perfect lifes.

Really fucking suck

Okay Mr. Robot, tell us about your 2 AM morning routine, asshole.

Meanwhile the rest of us tries to either get enough money on the table for some food or to not kill themselves.

so, get drunk, message the girl you are not supposed to message and make sure you almost die.

That’s the key to a good life.

And if someone disagrees, you look them straight into the eyes. And say

Fuck you, asshole.


Welcome to my little private blog, where I share my thoughts about all kind of topics.

In all honesty, this will probably be a private little things for my personal therapy. Prevent myself from going insane kind of thing.

An outlet.

But in case someone, some day, sees this.

Well, pretty cool to have you around.

~ Marin

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