Something to remember is that fighting for something or someone doesn’t mean you need to give it all your strength and energy.

Sometimes, you need to take a strategic approach, which often means taking a step back from this person or goal.

This might feel like giving up because suddenly the effort and energy you want to put into the fight are no longer necessary.

But it isn’t.

A strategic waiting game or even retreat has been used by the most formidable strategists throughout our history.

When it comes to our lives, however far they might be separated from war and politics, it works the exact same way.

So sometimes, when you feel like the energy you put in isn’t working, try stepping back.

Now, this doesn’t mean you keep waiting until this person or goal comes to you. Instead, give it some time to cool down, or let desires flourish.

Maybe even work on yourself for a bit to become the person you want to be. Then, come back and try again.

I promise you, success might not be guaranteed, but the energy will feel fresh again, like the first time, and mistakes of the past might be forgotten or no longer of any importance.

The road to victory is not always forward.